A Honey Bee on Flower

Brown's Bee Yard was established in 2011.  The apiaries six hives were given the opportunity to strengthen naturally and become well established on their own with some supplemental feeding and good hive management for their first two years. 

The summer of 2013 was the first time that we harvested honey from the Bee Yard. The hives were full of sweet local PA wildflower honey and we were very excited to have done so. The beekeeping project was years in the making. I took an excellent, and highly recommended, Introduction to Beekeeping class through the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association, read a lot of research on the internet, and just about every book published by respected beekeeping authors prior to assembling the hives and adding the honeybees.

Our goal has been to keep the honeybees as naturally as possible and allow the bees to do their honey collecting without a lot of interference from us. We are using traditional non-chemical management practices and techniques and we feel that we must be doing something correctly, as our bees are thriving.

Our bees collect their pollen and nectar form local farm fields and the abundant local wildflowers. This gives our honey a nice amber color and pleasing sweet taste.

Please check back soon for updates and information on available honey products. Thanks for your interest!

Bee Yard Honey Crop 2013

At the end of the honey season in 2013 we harvested 15 pounds of honey from our hives. We left a good portion with the colony, hopefully to get them through this rough winter. Our honey comes from local wildflowers and fields.

I am currently concentrating on keeping my hives healthy naturally. 

I do not have nuc hives available or raise my own queens. I am also not equipped to collect swarms or extract honey bees from trees or other locations. 

If looking for any of these items or services please try contacting the:

Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association.

Questions about the Bee Yard or our Honey?

Contact Jim by email at: [email protected]

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